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Growing and selling pure live microgreens

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Maryland Microgreens is taking fresh produce to a whole new level. Our indoor vertical farm, located in Monrovia, Maryland supplies local restaurants, farmers markets and individual buyers with the finest quality varieties of living microgreens  which are 100% pure and pesticide free. All seeds are Non GMO and/or organic.

We adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and use only food grade containers in the growing process.

Maryland Microgreens innovative aquaponic technology takes farming into the 21st. century allowing us to grow super healthy plants in a controlled, self-sustainable envrionment.

Maryland Microgreens are delivered to our clients with roots attached to insure freshness. Our produce stays fresh in our easy-to-maintain living trays for days, ready to be harvested on demand--truly farm to fork.

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We're associated with City-Hydro of Fells Point in Baltimore, MD. We have been trained by the founders and maintain close adherence to all aspects of City-Hydro high standards. We grow in a pure method using no fertilizers and no soil--just pure H2O.



What are they?

Microgreens are a tiny form of young edible greens produced from vegetables, herbs or other plants. They generally range in size from one to one and a half to three inches tall, including the stems and leaves. A microgreen has a single central stem.


Maryland Microgreens grows plants on recycled organic coconut fiber, thus sold living on the fiber ready to harvest on demand, maintaining their pure intensive flavor and 100% of their nutrients. The plant has two fully developed cotyledon leaves and usually one pair of very small, partially developed true leaves. The typical stem and leaf configuration for microgreens is about one to one and a half inches in height and one half to one inch in width across the top. 

Maryland Microgreens are grown pure with no fertilzers, no pesticides and no soil. Just pure H2O.

Microgreens add a beautiful garnish to prepared dishes, on salads or as a stand alone mound of greens or in soups and sandwiches. The flavor from the tiny greens is bright and they are loaded with nutritional value--from four to forty times more nutritionally density than their mature counterparts.


The microgreens

We are currently growing a variety of microgreens including but not limited to Leeks, Salad Mix, Pea Shoots, Wasabi Mustard, Broccoli, Arugula, Carrots, Purple and Green Cabbage, Cilantro and Radish. We can grow most microgreens with advance notice. Contact us for further information. We use no chemicals and grow our plants using only pure water. Our microgreens are delivered live to insure the freshest and most nutritious product. Plants will last at least a week under refrigeration.

Visit us at Middletown Farmers Market Thursdays from 4-7 beginning May 2nd, 2024
and Frederick City Farmers Market Sundays 9-1, May 12th. through September, 2024.  
Our products are also available at:  
Common Market Co-Op, 7th. St., Frederick, MD


We deliver to restaurants based upon need-usually Tuesdays and Fridays. The trays used in the delivery will be picked up during the following delivery. Please hand wash the trays and do not place in dishwasher. Damaged or lost trays will incur a $75.00 fee per tray. Chefs, please  provide two weeks notice in the event you need to change or add to your regular order. Additionally, we offer our microgreens to individuals as well as sales at The Common Market Co-Op, 7th. St. location, The Middletown Farmers Market, Middletown, MD beginning early May and The Frederick City Market beginning mid May from 9-1.

                                                                                 Maryland Microgreens, LLC

                                                                Sustainable. Responsible. Pure.

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Monrovia, MD 21770, USA

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